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A domain name tells the world who you are and what you do. Search for a name, word, or phrase and we’ll help you find the perfect domain name to own your piece of the internet.


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Whether you’re looking to make a stunning first impression or continue a long relationship with your customers, investors and partners, a .COM is the key to helping your business thrive.


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As one of the most popular domains on the Internet, .NET is the place for big ideas online. .NET has been around from the beginning, you’re building your new business on a well-known and trusted domain.


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David Beckham and UNICEF are on a mission to help millions of children around the world. To spread the word, they use .ORG, the world’s most trusted domain extension for mission-based organizations.

Domain Add ons ?

We know that you want your information to be private and protected. That said, as your domain registrar, Diani Datalink is required by international rules to collect several pieces of personal information and store them in a public file called a WHOIS record. ortunately, Enom offers a ID Protect to shield your personal information from prying eyes.
Domain Forwarding
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Domain forwarding is similar to when a web page redirects a visitor to another website, but instead of using HTML or a script to do the redirection, the domain name itself redirects to the website. When a domain is set to forward visitors to another website, the domain’s name does not stay in the web browser’s URL bar. Instead, the new page’s URL is displayed

Privacy Protection
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When your domain is covered by ID Protect, we replace the personal identifying information in your Whois record with generic contact information for Diani datalink itself. No third-party marketers will be able to see your information, so no junk mail or phone calls will come directly to you as a result of the information we collect.

DNS Management
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What you get

Protection against online identity thefts.
Reduced domain-related scams and junk mail
Complete control over your information

DNS Management

How it works

Domain Name Servers (DNS) hosting “gives directions” to computers and mobile devices to make sure that your audience can actually get to your website and avoid “page not found” errors.Diani datalink’s DNS hosting service ensures your website opens quickly and reliably for your users. We can offer DNS hosting on any domain you own, whether or not you’ve registered it through Diani Datalink or another registrar.